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7.1              A Person may not, without the prior written consent of his Union or Association (such consent to be at the discretion of the Union or Association), receive directly or indirectly any Material Benefit for appearing in, assisting with or communicating any advertisement, endorsement or promotion of any product, service or item which by virtue of content and/or presentation relates or refers wholly or partly to the Game, which relation or reference shall include, without limitation, the wearing, use or appearance with any rugby clothing, rugby articles or rugby related equipment of any nature whatsoever. For the purposes of this Regulation, Person shall mean a Player, trainer, referee, touch judge, coach, selector, medical officer who is currently involved in the Game, or in the organisation, administration or promotion of the Game.

7.2              The rights of a Person under this Regulation may be further limited or restricted by any agreement, understanding or contractual obligations between him and his Union, Association, Rugby Body or Club.

7.3              A Union, Association, Rugby Body or Club may accept sponsorship or any other financial assistance from any source including from a commercial firm or organisation, or an individual in his commercial capacity, and from which any commercial publicity accrues or is evident, provided it complies with the regulations of the Union or Association concerned and with these Regulations.

7.4              For Rugby World Cup qualifying and finals tournaments additional regulations in respect of, appearances, communications, advertising and sponsorship shall be promulgated.

7.5              No advertising shall be allowed or sponsorship may be accepted, by any Union, Association, Rugby Body, Club or Person and no Union or Association may approve advertising or sponsorship for any member, that is offensive or defamatory.

7.6              All relevant information regarding sponsorship or other financial assistance should be exchanged between the Unions concerned in an International Match not later than 12 weeks prior to the date of the said International Match so as to avoid conflict between sponsorship agreements entered into by the respective Unions. In the event that Unions have not resolved such conflict by mutual agreement 21 days prior to the International Match taking place, the matter shall be referred by either Union to the CEO, or his designee, who shall, as soon as reasonably practicable, adjudicate on the matter. The decision of the CEO, or his designee, shall be final and binding on the Unions concerned.