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World Rugby’s Regulation 8 governs the eligibility of players to represent the National Representative Teams of specific Unions. The rationale is to ensure that Players selected to represent such teams have a genuine, close, credible and established national link with the country of the Union for which they have been selected. Such a national link is essential to maintain the unique characteristics and culture of elite international sporting competition between Unions. The integrity of International Matches between Unions depends upon strict adherence to the eligibility criteria set out in the Regulations.

A number of resources are available to help players and Unions to determine whether a player is eligible or not:

Next Senior National Representative Teams

In accordance with World Rugby Regulation 8, the current listing of Member Unions' Men’s and Women’s Next Senior National Representative Teams is available here as provided by the respective Unions to World Rugby. 

A Union is entitled to notify World Rugby no more than once per calendar year of a change to its next senior National Representative Team provided that in doing so it shall take account of any Matches such team may be scheduled to play and shall advise the Union of any senior or next senior National Representative Team it is scheduled to play reasonably in advance of such Match. The identity of a Union’s next senior National Representative Team can be verified with the Union concerned and/or World Rugby.


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