Our online learning modules are a great starting point for learning more about the game and are available to access on World Rugby Passport. Here you will find over 32 online modules in multiple languages, all free of charge. Once registered you will be able to access all modules.

Online modules support our face-to-face learning programmes and some must be completed before attending certain face-to-face courses.

The following online modules are available. Click on the links below to access either the section page or individual module.



Injury Prevention and Risk Management




Rugby Ready

Tackle Ready

Breakdown Ready




Introduction to Coaching

Key Factor Analysis

Functional Role Analysis

Coaching Children

Introduction to Performance Analysis

Tackle Ready


Introduction to Match Officiating (Pre-L1)

Match Observation Programme

Technical Zone Programme

Conditioning for rugby

Conditioning for Children (Pre-L1)

Conditioning for Youths (Pre-L1)

Conditioning for Adults (Pre-L1)

Advanced Conditioning (Pre-L2)

Player Welfare

First Aid in Rugby

Immediate Care in Rugby

Advanced Immediate Care in Rugby

Mindset for Team Doctors

Concussion Management for the General Public

Concussion Management for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

Medical Protocols for Match Day Medical Staff

Concussion Management for Match Day Medical Staff using the HIA Protocol

Covid-19 Return to Play Awareness for Coaches and Players

Covid-19 Return to Play Awareness for Administrators

Match Day Staff

Match Commissioner Programme

Citing Commissioner Programme

Judicial Training

Protect the Game

Keep Rugby Clean (Anti-Doping)

Keep Rugby Onside (Integrity)

Regulation 8

Laws of the Game

Law exam