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T1 Rugby

Why T1 Rugby? Rugby needs a simple, engaging and credible non-contact format. T1 Rugby looks like rugby union; its is easy to understand, it is a game for all shapes, sizes and for everyone.

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  • Fri 6 October, 2023
Explaining the Format & Why?

It is easy and fun to play, and it can target new audiences as well as existing rugby lovers. It will have a global brand but have the local flexibility to fit in the local context. Most of all it is fun to play. The key fundamental areas of rugby union is throughout the game. Scrums, lineouts, breakdown area and kicking are all part of this attacking format. It is rugby as you know it without the contact.

NCR Infographic
T1 Rugby Game Rules Infographic Final (Eng)
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world rugby
  • Thu 19 October, 2023
T1 Rugby was created with the help of many member unions

Over the next year or so, World Rugby will work closely with member unions to implement this new exciting non-contact rugby format so it can be enjoyed by many. It has so many benefits to the game, and what-ever environment it is played in, it will attract new players to rugby

Key Sections Of The Game Explained
Wed 6 December, 2023

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