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Regulation 5 : AGENTS


5.1              Each Union is responsible for the authorisation and regulation of Agents acting on behalf of its members (or Persons within its jurisdiction) and Agents operating under that Union’s jurisdiction. Each Union shall establish appropriate regulations to govern and authorise the activity of Agents.  Such regulations shall be registered with World Rugby. In any event, all regulations established by a Union in respect of Agents, must contain the general principles set out in Regulation 5.1.1 to 5.1.10 below:

5.1.1          An Agent shall abide, in all respects, by these Regulations and the Bye-Laws and the regulations of other relevant national Unions;

5.1.2          An Agent shall not act for more than one party in any transaction and shall disclose in writing to his principal any formal or informal relationship which the Agent has, or has had, with any other party to a transaction;

5.1.3          In all discussions, negotiations and transactions relating to any Person, an Agent shall act in good faith and disclose in writing the identity of the Person, Union, Rugby Body or Club for whom the Agent is acting;

5.1.4          An Agent shall not take any steps to induce, or any steps which are intended to induce, any Person to act in breach of his written agreement with any Union, Rugby Body or Club;

5.1.5          Agents shall conduct themselves at all times in an ethical manner and shall observe the highest standards of integrity and fair dealing;

5.1.6          Agents should have in place appropriate professional liability insurance with a reputable insurer to an appropriate level;

5.1.7          Agents approved by Unions to act, and/or licensed by Unions may not transfer such approval and/or licence which should be deemed to be strictly personal to the individual Agent concerned;

5.1.8          Unions shall be entitled to take disciplinary action against Agents and impose, in appropriate cases, disciplinary sanctions including the ability to prevent an Agent from acting within its jurisdiction;

5.1.9          Agents should comply with best accounting practice and make available books and records to relevant authorities, as appropriate, for audits or other relevant purposes;

5.1.10        Each Union shall procure jurisdiction for World Rugby to adjudicate on cases arising out of international transactions and/or a breach of Agent Regulation which is of an international nature, and to take such action and impose and enforce such penalties, as are appropriate in relation to the Agent, Club and/or Rugby Body concerned, such penalties and/or action to include, but not be limited to:

(i)      A reprimand, censure, caution;

(ii)     A fine;

(iii)    A suspension of the entitlement to act as an Agent;

(iv)    Withdrawal of entitlement as an Agent;

(v)     Such other sanction as may be appropriate in the particular circumstances.

5.2            Each Union should, as far as it is reasonably practicable, require that all contracts between Players and Agents, and any variation thereof, shall be in writing, shall not be capable of remaining in force for a period exceeding two years, shall only be assignable or transferable with the player’s written consent and shall clearly state the basis upon which the Agent is to be remunerated.  The basis on which any such remuneration is to be calculated must be reasonable. An Agent shall only accept fees or other remuneration from the person or principal by whom he is engaged.