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Welcome to the Medical section of the World Rugby website, designed for all the rugby family, players, coaches, officials, medical staff and the general public alike. We work to make the game as enjoyable, safe and beneficial as possible for all stakeholders. 

Our concussion section contains guidance, education and management information. There are also education modules available for the general population, medical staff and elite match-day medical staff.

Our injury-management section provides information on injury prevention measures (including player load) and injury surveillance. The Mindset module is a resource for doctors and medical staff to identify and direct treatment for those struggling with mental health issues.

We also include all of World Rugby’s published research and COVID guidelines.

Player Welfare News
University of Otago study

Player welfare

Wed 31 March, 2021

World Rugby, New Zealand Rugby, the University of Otago and Prevent Biometrics to undertake ground-breaking community rugby head impact study

Underscoring the continued commitment to furthering head injury prevention in rugby, World Rugby is partnering with New Zealand Rugby, the University of Otago and Prevent Biometrics to undertake a ground-breaking study to understand the nature and frequency of head impacts in men’s and women’s community and age-grade rugby.
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Player welfare

Thu 11 March, 2021

World Rugby furthers head injury prevention commitment with expanded Head Contact Process

World Rugby has publicly launched the Head Contact Process (HCP) to assist the sanctioning process for contact with the head and neck, underscoring the sport’s commitment to head injury prevention. This process has been developed through extensive collaboration and consultation with current and former players, coaches, referees and medical experts.
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