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Anti-doping cases - all years

Below you will find all anti-doping cases with names, substances, sanctions and full decisions available to download.

Doping cases - 2021

Name Substance Outcome / sanction
Dudlee White-Sharpley Boldenone, 19-norandrosterone, Nandrolone and Tamoxifen 3 years (Download)
Gerhard Opperman (NAM) Metandienone and Tamoxifen 3 years (Download)
Luxora Suarez (COL) 5-methylhexan-2-amine (1,4-dimethylpentylamine) 2 years (Download)
Luciano Daniel Torres (ARG) 19-Norandrosterone 3 years (Download)
Juan David Herrera (COL) 19-Norandrosterone and Boldenone 3 years (Download)
Stanislav Selskii (RUS) 2.1 Presence of a Prohibited Substance - Clomifene 3 years (Download)


Doping cases - 2019

Name Substance Outcome / sanction
Leonid Kalinin (RUS) Dehydrochloromethyltestosterone 4 years (Download)
Alisson Kalkmann Ribeiro (BRA) Clomifene 21 months (Download)
Keswick Wright (CAY) Carboxy-THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) 6 months (Download)
José Ramon Piña (VEN) Androsterone, Testosterone and Etiocholanone 4 years (Download)


Doping cases - 2018

Name Substance Outcome / sanction
Emre Bender (TUR) Testosterone 4 years (Download)
Kisi Keomaka Unufe (USA) Heptaminol 14 months (Download)
Joshua Christie (JAM) Drostanalone 4 years (Download)
Unathi Elis Mali (RSA) Stanozolol and Methandienone 4 years (Download)


Doping cases - 2017

Name Substance Outcome / sanction
Adrian Chiper (ROM) 19-Norandrosterone 4 years (Download)
Lucky Palamo (SAM) Salbutamol 3 months (Download)
Aaron Davis (USA) 19-Norandrosterone 4 years (Download)


Doping cases - 2016

Name Substance Outcome / sanction
Luis Alvaro Puentes Rodriguez (ESP) Amfetamine 8 years (Download)
Rochana Hettiarachchi (SRI) Tamoxifen 4 years (Download)
Gonzalo Campomar URU Stanozolol 8 years (Download)
Arthur Bouwer (NAM) Dehydrochlormethyltestosterone 4 years (Download)
Ruben Ricco (ARG) Clomiphene 4 years (Download)
Oxana Korobchuk (RUS) Stanozolol 4 years (Download)
Joshua Taylor (AUS) M3 Metabolite 2 years (Download)
Cameron McNab (NAM) Dehydrochlormethyltestosterone, metandienone 4 years (Download)
Lucas Domingues (BRA) Stanozolol 4 years (Download)
Luke Willmott (ENG) Trafficking 4 years (Download)
Alena Mikhaltsova (née Bogacheva) (RUS) Meldonium No Fault or Negligence (Download)
Alexey Mikhaltsov (RUS) Meldonium No Fault or Negligence (Download)


Doping cases - 2015

Name Substance Outcome / sanction
Emmanuel Ntshiwa (BOT) Oxilofrine (methylsynephrine) 2 years (Download)
Lesedi Ivan Chery (BOT) Oxilofrine (methylsynephrine) 2 years (Download)
Jayson Smith (TCA) Cannabis 2 years (Download)
Carl Townsend (WAL) Oxandrolone 4 years (Download)

Doping cases - 2014

Name Substance Outcome / sanction
Antonio Perinchief (BER) Clenbuterol No Fault or Negligence (Download)
Maxim Gargalic (MDA) Playing while ineligible Sanction reset (Download)
Nuwan Hettiarachchi (SRI) Prednisolone 6 months (Download)
Maxim Gargalic (MDA) 19-norandrosterone 2 years (Download)
Mahlatse 'Chiliboy' Ralepelle (RSA) Drostanolone 2 years (Download)

Doping cases - 2013

Name Substance Outcome / sanction
Carel Swanepoel (NAM) Methylhexaneamine 6 months (Download)
Malcolm Moore (NAM) Methylhexaneamine 6 months (Download)
Salmon Van Huyssteen RSA 19-Norandrosterone 2 years (Download)
Sam Chalmers (SCO) Methandienone and stanozolol 2 years (Download)

Doping cases - 2012

Name Substance Outcome / sanction
Lavinia Gould (NZL) Methylhexaneamine 2 years (Download)
Rachelle Geldenhuys (RSA) Cannabis 9 months (Download)
Shane Joubert (ZIM) Trafficking, administration, possession and use of Prohibited Substances 6 years (Download)
Roman Kulakivskyi (UKR) Stanozolol and metenolone 3 years (Download)
Serhii Sukhikh (UKR) Tampering; Failing to submit to Sample collection 2 years (Download)
Oleg Lytvynenko (UKR) Tampering 2 years (Download)
Bogdan Zhulavsky (UKR) Tampering 4 years (Download)
Marcin Wilczuk (POL) Cocaine 2 years (Download)
Sean Fletcher (COK) Cannabis 5 months (Download)
Aisake Katonibau (FJI) Failure to comply 2 years (Download)
Ian Muza (ZIM) Stanozolol 2 years (Download)
Dylan Coetzee (ZIM) Nandrolone 2 years (Download)
Rodrigo Parada Heit (ARG) Nandrolone 2 years (Download)
Michael Simbarashe Chirara (ZIM) Nandrolone 2 years, 6 months suspended (Download)
Fukunoshima Vikilani (CAN) Furosemide and Hydrochlorothiazide 2 years (Download)
Christopher Hitch (PHI) Methylhexaneamine 6 months (Download)
Rushan Yagudin (RUS) 4-phenylpiracetam (carphedon) 2 years (Download)
Vitaly Zhivatov (RUS) 4-phenylpiracetam (carphedon) 2 years (Download)
Andrey Kosarev (RUS) Possession, trafficking and administration Lifetime sanction (Download)
Miguel Ángel Garcés van Heurck (PER) Methylhexaneamine 12 months (Download)
Paolo Urquieta Ruiz (PER) Methylhexaneamine 12 months (Download)


Doping cases - 2011

Name Substance Outcome / sanction
Duncan Murray (UAE) Methylhexaneamine 12 months (Download)
Andre De Klerk (NAM) Testosterone 8 years (Download)
James Paterson (USA) Oxycodone 4 months (Download)
Evgeny Pronenko (RUS) Furosemide 6 months (Download)
Keith Gurusinghe (SLK) Methylhexaneamine 9 months (Download)
Eranga Swarnithilake (SLK) Methylhexaneamine 9 months (Download)
Saliya Kumara (SLK) Methylhexaneamine 9 months (Download)
Ryohei Yamanaka (JPN) Methyltestosterone 2 years (Download)


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