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11.1 Definitions

The following definitions apply to this Regulation 11:

Advertising Mark means a mark of a sponsor, partner or other advertiser authorised by the Union, Association or World Rugby with responsibility for the team and/or Match Officials.

Competition Mark means the mark of the competition, series or tournament in which the team is competing.

Fixture Information means information pertaining to a particular match or player featuring any or all of: name of Tournament/Series, participating teams, date and place of match, player name or initials, number of playing caps, but shall not include any commercial or advertising name or Mark.

Manufacturer Mark means a mark of a legitimate manufacturer of the particular item of apparel or equipment as commercially available.

Mark means any logo, trademark, emblem, crest, name, flag, words, symbol, designation and/or number, whether registered or unregistered.

RWC Mark means the mark of the upcoming Rugby World Cup which may be worn by the Senior National Representative Team of the Host Union of the upcoming Rugby World Cup (where permitted by the relevant Tournament Organiser and by Rugby World Cup) in the three years leading up to the Rugby World Cup.

Team Emblem/National Flag or Emblem means the emblem of the team as designated by the Union from time to time and/or the national flag or emblem of the country of the Union.

World Rugby/Association/Union Emblem/Crest means the emblem or crest of World Rugby, Association or Union as designated by World Rugby, Association or Union from time to time.

11.2 General

11.2.1        This Regulation deals with Marks on Persons and/or the kit/clothing of Persons or on any other equipment or items worn, used or displayed on the playing enclosure. This Regulation 11 sets out the maximum size (taken as a block in square centimetres) and the maximum permitted number, type and location of such Marks.

11.2.2        The rules and regulations of a Union, Association, Rugby Body, Club or Tournament Organiser may limit or restrict the content, number and/or size of Marks (subject to the provisions of  this Regulation) for National Representative Teams and other teams under their jurisdiction or playing in a Tournament for which they are responsible.

11.2.3        Unions have discretion to apply such Marks with respect to their National Representative Teams as they consider appropriate, subject to the limitations set out in this Regulation 11and Regulation 7.5. 

11.2.4        Subject to Regulation 7.5 and Regulation 11.6, Unions or Associations may permit less stringent restrictions than those set out in this Regulation 11 below National Representative Team level, provided that such regulations do not detract from the essential character or integrity of Players' and Match Officials' Rugby Union kit.

11.2.5        The designated size of Marks shall be calculated by drawing a block around the outline of the mark as displayed on the item and includes any blank space(s) within the block. This means that every element of the Mark must be incorporated within the dimensions of the block. See example:

11.2.6        No Marks other than those specifically permitted within this Regulation 11 are permitted.

11.2.7        Subject to Regulation 11.6.2, Regulation 20 and the Values of the Game set out in World Rugby’s Playing Charter, Tournament Organisers with responsibility for ensuring compliance with Regulation 11 may permit players to display personal messages in which case the specific policies of such Tournament Organisers shall apply. 

11.3 Marks on Kit and Equipment

11.3.1        The Marks set out in Appendix 1 may be worn by Players on the playing enclosure. 

11.3.2        The Marks set out in Appendix 2 may be worn by Match Officials on the playing enclosure. 

11.3.3        The Marks set out in Appendix 3 may be displayed on items used on the playing enclosure.

11.3.4        Save for the Marks expressly provided in Appendices 1, 2 and 3 and/or permitted in accordance with Regulation 11.4, no form of emblem, Mark, name, logo, words, image or other form of commercial and/or promotional association may be displayed on any item worn, used, placed or carried onto the playing enclosure.

11.3.5        A Union’s Team Emblem/National Flag or Emblem/Union Emblem/Union Crest or elements thereof (including the Unions’ name) may be integrated as a decorative or design element of any item listed in Appendices 1-3 provided they are not, or do not give the impression of being, an Advertising or Manufacturer Mark.

11.3.6        Culturally relevant designs may be integrated as a decorative or design element of any item listed in Appendices 1-3 provided they are not, or do not give the impression of being, an Advertising or Manufacturer Mark and provided that their significance is in keeping with World Rugby’s Values of Integrity, Respect, Solidarity, Passion and Discipline.

11.3.7        Fixture Information may appear on the Playing Jersey or Boots of Players and/or Match Officials.

11.3.8        A Player’s name, initials and/or playing number may appear once on any item listed in Appendix 1, in addition to the Player’s playing number which must appear on the back of the Playing Jersey.

11.3.9        The Fixture Information, Player’s name, initials or number may not incorporate or give the impression of incorporating, an Advertising or Manufacturer Mark.

11.4 Emblems, Marks and/or names of special significance

11.4.1        A Union, having obtained the written approval of the host Union and the Tournament Organiser where applicable, may display an emblem, mark and/or name of special national significance (including black armbands to signify mourning) in a particular Match which would otherwise not be permitted under Regulation 11. In the absence of such permission being granted the Union shall not display such emblem, mark and/or name.  In the event that a dispute arises between Unions and/or a Tournament Organiser as to whether such an emblem, mark and/or name ought to be permitted, any of the parties may refer such dispute to World Rugby for resolution under Regulation 2.2.2.

11.4.2        Bearing in mind the global importance of the Rugby World Cup as the pinnacle international rugby tournament, the RWC Mark may be worn on the Players’ jerseys of the Senior National Representative Team of the Host Union of the upcoming Rugby World Cup where permitted by Rugby World Cup Limited and the relevant Host Union/Tournament Organiser of the Match in which the RWC Mark is proposed to be worn.  

11.4.3        Any emblem, mark and/or name permitted pursuant to Regulation 11.4.1 or 11.4.2, shall be displayed only on the Players’ jerseys and shall be of a size no greater than the permitted Manufacturer Mark set out in Appendix 1.

11.5 Playing Enclosure

11.5.1        Subject to the decision of the relevant Match or Tournament Organiser and to Regulation 11.5.2 below, emblems, Marks and/or names of Unions, Associations, Rugby Bodies, Clubs, manufacturers, advertisers and/or sponsors may be displayed on the playing surface, standing touch flags or assistant referees’ flags and rugby balls.

11.5.2        The Union, Association, Rugby Body, Club or tournament organiser under whose jurisdiction a Match is played shall be responsible for ensuring that any markings used in accordance with 11.5.1 above:

(a)     do not in any way obscure or visually impair the line markings of the playing surface as defined in Law 1;

(b)     do not in any way constitute a safety hazard to Players, Match Officials or spectators or disrupt, in any way, the playing, spectating or viewing of a Match; and

(c)     are made or applied using substances which will not in any circumstances, mark Players or a Player’s kit, or otherwise lose their definition during any Match.

11.5.3        No form of emblem, mark or name of an advertiser or sponsor (as opposed to a Union, Association, Rugby Body or Club) may be displayed on goal posts or crossbars. This does not apply to padding and protectors on the goal posts up to a height of two metres from the ground.

11.6 Miscellaneous

11.6.1       Teams consisting mainly or solely of Players under the age of 18, including but not limited to school teams, shall not be permitted to display advertising on Players’ clothing publicising companies whose products, services or activities may be considered by the Union or Association to be detrimental to or inappropriate for Players of that age (including alcohol, tobacco or gambling). 

11.6.2       Nothing which may be regarded by World Rugby, the Union or Association, each in its absolute discretion, as distasteful or ethically or morally undesirable or which brings the Game into disrepute shall be displayed.

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