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The promotion of safe, fair and orderly enjoyment of rugby is fundamental to the mission of World Rugby and its Unions and Associations.



13.1     The promotion of safe, fair and orderly enjoyment of rugby is fundamental to the mission of World Rugby and its Unions and Associations. The Broadcasting of a well organised and regulated Game, the manner in which the Broadcasting is carried out, and the way Matches are scheduled and organised are critical to the development of the Game at grass-roots level, to the generation of support for teams at all levels, and to the public’s interest in and enjoyment of the Game, and so to its success. It allows the Game, and the manner in which it is governed, structured and promoted, to be experienced more fully by a wider group of people, increasing the extent and intensity of involvement in all capacities and at all levels. The sale of Broadcasting Rights by rights owners is central to the generation of revenue for reinvestment in the Game and must be encouraged, though scheduling and commercial considerations must also be balanced against Player welfare, the efficient organisation of Matches and competitions and the interests of Unions, Rugby Bodies, Clubs and the public. It is consequently necessary that the broadcast of any Matches, played within the territory of a Union should be subject to the consent of that Union, and that Unions should be empowered to grant that consent subject to any terms and conditions deemed necessary in the interests of the Game.

13.2     For the purpose of this Regulation, Broadcasting means the transmission and/or recording and/or otherwise storing of coverage of or other reproduction of a Match or Matches in any medium and any use or exploitation of the same by any means in any electronic media now known or at any time in the future developed, including, but not limited to, all forms of television (which will include, without limitation, all forms of analogue, digital, free, pay, pay-per view and on-demand systems) and all other audio-visual media (which will include, without limitation, video, DVD, CD-Rom and/or other audio-visual recorded viewing medium) and all forms of interactive and/or on-line transmissions via the Internet or any other system, radio and all other audio only media (which will include all forms of recording and/or interactive and/or on-line audio transmissions via the Internet or any other system) whether live or deferred and whether in whole or in part throughout the world or any part thereof; and Broadcasting Rights means any right or entitlement or ability to do any of those things.

13.3     No Rugby Body, Club or Person or any combination thereof may negotiate or enter into or benefit from any grant or other conferral, whether by contract or otherwise, of any Broadcasting Rights in respect of any Match or Matches except with the express written consent of the Union within whose territorial jurisdiction such Match is or Matches are to be played. In deciding whether to grant such consent, and on what terms, the Union will act reasonably and proportionately, balancing appropriately the interests of all, including the public, the Game, Players and Clubs, and the Union, Rugby Body, Club or Person seeking such consent.

13.4    No Rugby Body, Club (or Person with knowledge of such breach) may take part in any Match to which Broadcasting Rights have been granted in breach of the provisions of Regulation 13.3.