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Beginner's Guide to Rugby

Beginner's Guide - Safety as a top priority

Rugby: A game where safety is a top priority

Rugby is a highly physical game. To enjoy it to its utmost you need to be physically and mentally prepared. You also need to understand how to play safely. 

The Rugby Ready programme educates, aids and supports players, coaches, match officials and unions on the importance of sufficient preparation for training and playing in order for rugby to be played and enjoyed while reducing the risk of serious injury.

Rugby Ready and other World Rugby information about Training and Education allows you to read material, watch video, complete an online self check test and generate an awareness certificate. Or you can contact your national union for details of face-to-face courses near you.


This Beginner’s Guide to Rugby Union product has been developed in the context of the Laws applying to accident and injury prevention and medical practice in Ireland and the information and guidelines incorporated on these matters are made available strictly on the basis that World Rugby does not accept any liability to any person or entity for loss, cost or damage howsoever arising out of any reliance on and/or use of the information and/or guidelines contained in this Beginner’s Guide to Rugby Union product.



Rugby Beginner's Quiz

Rugby Beginner's Quiz

New to rugby? Find out how much you know about the game.