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Safeguarding: Information and how to make a report

Every member of the rugby community has a right to respect, safety and protection. This right extends to all, including players, coaches, officials, staff or volunteers. The welfare of all members of the rugby community, particularly children and adults at risk, is of paramount concern. When any member of the rugby community is subjected to or engages in abuse or harassment, it is inconsistent with the values of the Game of Rugby and undermines the unique character of our sport. All forms of harassment and abuse are prohibited by World Rugby’s Code of Conduct and Integrity Code.

World Rugby’s policy on Safeguarding can be viewed here and downloaded below.


If you or someone you know is being harassed or abused by someone in the rugby community, you should report it to your national Member Union. If your Union does not have a Safeguarding Policy, or if you cannot report the concern to your Union for any reason, report it to World Rugby by emailing or by filling in this Safeguarding Reporting Form.

All members of the Rugby community are reminded that where safeguarding concerns arise, it may be necessary to report them not only to World Rugby and/or the relevant Union, but also to the relevant local statutory authority (including police and child/adult protection agencies). Making a safeguarding report to World Rugby does not prevent you from making such a report. Where an urgent and serious concern exists, then the principle should be one of ‘no delay’ and relevant statutory agencies should be contacted immediately.

For Children

If something in your rugby community does not seem right, or you are worried, please email or click to fill in this form and we will try to help you.

Best practice

For information and resources on safeguarding young athletes from harassment and abuse in sport and safe working practices for coaches working with vulnerable and young people, please visit World Rugby Coaching: Coaching Children

For Unions

Unions are obliged to have specific policies in place, relevant to their jurisdiction. World Rugby is available to support Unions in developing their policies and a range of external resources are available for consultation in multiple languages including:

International Safeguards for Children in Sport:

International Olympic Committee resources on safeguarding athletes from harassment and abuse in sport:

Safeguarding Reporting Form
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