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Watching Rugby

Beginner's Guide - Watching rugby

Watching rugby

The pace and power of modern rugby have made it one of the most exciting spectator sports around. Indeed, several aspects of the game have evolved as a result of this mass audience appeal.

The video opposite shows the nervous elation enjoyed by Japanese fans in various Fanzones during Rugby World Cup 2019, many of whom were new to rugby.

Large screens

Many stadiums now have large screens on which replays can be seen just moments after the action has taken place.

Television match official

Televised matches have an official who uses replays to advise the referee on decisions according to what the replays show.

However you choose to watch the game, don’t just focus on the ball, try concentrating on the alignment of attackers and defenders and the positioning of certain players, e.g. fly-half, number eight and full-back.


Rugby Beginner's Quiz

Rugby Beginner's Quiz

New to rugby? Find out how much you know about the game.