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Scoring points

Beginner's Guide - Scoring points

Scoring points

There are four main ways to score points in the game of rugby. 

Try - 5 points

A try is scored when the ball is grounded over the opponents’ goal-line in the in-goal area.

A penalty try can be awarded if a player would have scored a try but for foul play by the opposition. A penalty try is now worth seven points with no conversion attempted.

Penalty - 3 points

When awarded a penalty after an infringement by the opposition, a team may choose to kick at goal.

Conversion - 2 points

After scoring a try, that team can attempt to add two further points by kicking the ball over the crossbar and between the posts from a place in line with where the try was scored. 

The conversion kick can be taken either as a place kick (from the ground) or a drop kick. In rugby sevens, due to the amount of time available for the conversion, drop kicks are taken, as shown in the video opposite. 

Drop goal - 3 points

A drop goal is scored when a player kicks for goal in open play by dropping the ball onto the ground and kicking it on the half-volley.



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