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Modified Rugby - A Game for all

Beginner's Guide - Modified forms

Modified Rugby - A game for all

There are various modified forms of the game which are designed to allow anyone to play in any circumstances with gradual development of rugby skills, such as running, handling, evasion and support play.

Examples of these variations include Tag, Touch, Tip, Flag and Beach rugby, all of which have modified versions of the Laws outlined on the Laws website. As an example, in Tag, players wear tags which hang from a belt. Removal of one of these tag constitutes a tackle, and the ball carrier must then pass within three seconds.

One of the key attractions of these versions of rugby is that the non-contact nature means that people of all ages, both sexes and of any fitness level can play together on a variety of surfaces, without the fear of getting hurt.

In addition, the simple rules for all formats of modified rugby, as well as the need for minimal equipment, make the different game variations an ideal introduction for beginners wishing to get involved in the sport.

Age-grade rugby

Even after moving to the 15s game, there are still certain Law modifications which smooth the transition to the full version of rugby. Details of U19 Law variations can be found in the World Rugby Law Book or on


Rugby Beginner's Quiz

Rugby Beginner's Quiz

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