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What can be worn?

Permitted devices must carry the World Rugby Approved mark or a label showing the mark.

Permitted Devices

Permitted devices must carry the World Rugby Approved mark or a label showing the mark. This mark shows that the device has been independently tested and complies with the applicable performance specification.  

  • Only devices with a World Rugby Approved mark and listed on the World Rugby website as being compliant can be used in matches. 
  • If all instances of the mark or a label are removed from the device then it shouldn’t be considered compliant and can’t be used in matches. 
  • These requirements apply at all levels of the game.  

Other devices 

Anything that doesn’t meet these criteria is not generally permitted, especially if it meets any of the criteria detailed in Law 4.5 (c). That is any equipment which has rigid materials. Rigid materials that do not comply with a specific performance specification may increase the risk to the wearer or other players (both teammates and/or opponents). 

This means that devices such as face guards, hearing aids, prosthetics and heart rate monitors worn on the chest (among others) are not permitted to be worn in matches by any player. World Rugby have a trial process which can be used to apply for permission to trial devices that do not comply with Law 4 and Regulation 12. Details of the terms of this trial can be found <here>. 


Law 4.5 details what is and is not permitted to be worn, anything specifically mentioned has to comply with the requirements of Regulation 12 and the relevant Performance Specification for that equipment. World Rugby have Performance Specifications for the following items: