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Game Analysis - Women's Six Nations 2022

2022 Six Nations - Women's


A major characteristic of the Women’s 6 Nations Championship since its inception has been

  • Its consistent domination by England and
  • England’s total domination of all teams except France.

The 2022 tournament again not only confirmed this but suggested that

  • the gap between England and France - and the other four teams, - Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Italy -  is increasing
  • the matches played between Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Italy have become highly competitive.
  • the match between England and France remains closely fought

Because of this contrast in relative strengths between the participating teams, this analysis and statistical report will comprise a number of discrete sections

SECTION A – The extent of England’s continued domination of the Women’s  6 Nations Championship and the extent of France’s superiority over the other four participating countries

SECTION B – England’s performance in the 2022 competition and overall observations on the shape of the game and the various performances of the other participating teams

SECTION C – The performances of Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Italy in the three matches they each played against each other. The data and analysis has been presented as if the matches played were an independent competition between the four teams.

SECTION D – Full statistical analysis of the 2022 Women’s 6 Nations Championship


Full reports - Northern and Southern hemisphere championships

Below you can download full reports for the major championships played in the northern and southern hemispheres, provided by the World Rugby Game Analysis department.


Download the full report