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Here you can find all you need to know about World Rugby's anti-doping programme and our values campaign Keep Rugby Clean: our guiding principles, the aims of our deterrence and detection programmes and the values we live by and expect from all involved in rugby.

Learn about Anti-Doping in rugby and the importance of staying clean.

Keep Rugby Clean

Keep Rugby Clean

Keep Rugby Clean (KRC) is World Rugby’s anti-doping education and awareness programme.  It aims to deter doping by educating participants on their responsibilities, raising awareness of doping risks, and fostering an ethical clean-sport ethos across our game.  The KRC brand allows us a focus for our message that can be adopted by everyone in the sport.

KRC is recognised as one of sport’s leading anti-doping education programmes, having supported players and team management across the game since its launch in 2005.  Today KRC is promoted via social media campaigns, special KRC promotional days at events, education content, and outreach activities often conducted in partnership with National Anti-Doping Organisations.