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Here you can find all you need to know about World Rugby's anti-doping programme and our values campaign Keep Rugby Clean: our guiding principles, the aims of our deterrence and detection programmes and the values we live by and expect from all involved in rugby.

Learn about Anti-Doping in rugby and the importance of staying clean.

World Rugby Anti-Doping Advisory Committee (ADAC)

Anti-Doping Advisory Committee (ADAC)

The governance and operations of the World Rugby Anti-Doping Programme are given independent oversight by our Anti-Doping Advisory Committee - a group of independent experts from across the anti-doping industry who regularly review the programme and shape major policy decisions.

Current members of ADAC

  • Deb Robinson (Chair) - Sports Physician (New Zealand)
  • Catherine Coley - Director, Department of communications and prevention, AFLD (Canada/France)
  • Felipe Contepomi - Coach, Argentina Men's 15s (Argentina)
  • Daniel Eichner - Laboratory Director, SMRTL WADA-accredited anti-doping laboratory (USA)
  • David Gerrard - Chair of WADA TUE expert group (New Zealand)
  • Leo Ghiraldini - International Rugby Players Representative (Italy)
  • Audrey Kinahan - Chair of WADA Prohibited List Expert Group (Ireland)
  • Graeme Mew - Judge, Ontario Superior Court (Canada)
  • Margo Mountjoy - WADA Health Medicine and Research Committee (Canada/UK)
  • Clint Readhead - Chief Medical Officer, South Africa Rugby Union (South Africa)
  • Kate Zackary - International Rugby Players Representative (USA)