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Independent Concussion Consultation

Independent Concussion Consultation

World Rugby employed Independent Concussion Consultants (ICC) at RWC 2015 and 2019, where it was well received by team doctors.

World Rugby employed Independent Concussion Consultants (ICC) at RWC 2015 and 2019, where it was well received by team doctors. The process was introduced to support team doctors when a concussed player recovered quickly and was expected to return to play before the next game. A recent meeting of the World Rugby concussion working group has agreed to extend the use of an ICC across the elite game.

The Concussion Working Group has agreed to introduce this process to all Tournaments using the HIA and to expand this process to cover players who may be at higher risk for a complicated recovery or recurrence (following concussion) than their teammates and possibly require an extended return to play. Medical teams may stratify these players’ risk based on their clinical and concussion history. 

List of approved Independent Concussion Consultants 

Jon Patricios South Africa English 
Tony Belli England English/Italian 
Richard Sylvester England English 
Michael Makdissi Australia English 
John Martin Wales English 
Eddie McCaig Fiji English
Hamish Kerr USA English
Philippe Decq France French / English 
Haruhiko Sato Japan Japanese / English 
Richard Kim USA English 
Prof. Roberto Vagnozzi Italy Italian 
Fernando Salvat Argentina Spanish 
Mike England New Zealand English 
Stephen Kara New Zealand English
Ian Murphy New Zealand English
Tony Page New Zealand English 
Deb Robinson New Zealand English 
James McGarvey New Zealand English
Steve Smith New Zealand English 
Dr Pierre Viviers  South Africa English
Alan Rankin Ireland English
Martin McConaghy Ireland English
Geoff Davies Wales English
Valentina Vanessa Re Italy Italian
Leigh Gordon South Africa English 
Hiren Patel England English
Dan Healy Ireland English
John Rogers England English 
Éanna Falvey Ireland English 
Christopher Royce Levi Australia English
Paul Bloomfield Australia English
Corey Cunningham Australia English
Ryan Kohler Australia English

Details of the protocol are available in seven languages. For French, Spanish and Japanese, please select that language at the top of the page. Doctors requesting an ICC review must complete the ICC referral form and follow the instructions detailed.