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Regional Association: Rugby Americas North

Formed as the North America and West Indies Rugby Association (NAWIRA) in 2001.

Full Member Unions: 12

Associate Member Unions: 1

Rugby Americas North, the association's current name, is the regional governing body for the game in North America and the Caribbean. The USA and Canada are its biggest members, but RAN has a total of 13 member federations.

In 2001, the regional association drafted its constitution and two years later an administration officer was appointed. Another key milestone in the growth of rugby in North America and the Caribbean was the appointment of a Regional Development Officer in 2008.

The region, which boasts more than 1.6 million players, has had the honour of hosting the first Rugby World Cup qualifier for the 2011 (Cayman), 2015 (Mexico) and 2019 (St Vincent and the Grenadines) tournaments.

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