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Head contact process

Discipline Head contact process

Referee Wayne Barnes breaks down rugby’s new Head Contact Process
Top international referee Wayne Barnes explains the Head Contact Process (HCP) and its role in changing behaviours among everyone involved in rugby.

The World Rugby Coaching Intervention Programme was introduced in July 2021 to add to the deterrents that were already in place in the form of red cards and playing sanctions, set at a minimum entry point of six weeks for foul play involving contact with the head. The Coaching Intervention is operated by World Rugby as a one-year pilot programme in elite competitions. Any player who has been sanctioned by a Disciplinary Panel for foul play involving contact with the head may apply to substitute the final week/match of their sanction for a coaching intervention. 

In order to be approved, the coaching intervention must be a targeted and technique-focused measure, designed to analyse tackle/contact technique and identify and implement positive modifications to change the player’s behaviour and ultimately reduce the risk of injury. This intervention will be reviewed and overseen by an independent expert coaching review group and will only be available to first-time offenders.

Further information can be found here.