World Rugby launches new anti-doping and integrity E-Learning programmes

World Rugby has launched new E-Learning programmes designed to provide players and team support staff with interactive learning content specific to anti-doping and integrity. 

Created with the support of the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme and World Rugby’s partner member unions of Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, the Netherlands and Denmark, the programmes cover anti-doping, anti-corruption and betting regulation and are designed to help prevent inadvertent rule breaking. 

Available in up to 14 languages, the programmes have been gradually implemented throughout 2021 and are accessible via the World Rugby Passport platform where players and support staff can sign up for a free account to get started.


Kate Zackary on World Rugby's e-learning programme

The anti-doping programme features interactive content that spans the entire education curriculum including information on the rights and responsibilities of players and support staff, how to compete clean, how to avoid accidental doping and what individuals can do to support keeping rugby clean. 

The integrity module includes key information on how players and their support staff can safeguard themselves against exploitation for betting purposes, guidance on how to ensure World Rugby’s Anti-Corruption and Betting regulations aren’t breached and an overview of the dangers and sanctions that are put in place in the instance that they are. 

USA Women’s Eagle, Exeter Chiefs Women’s player and member of the World Rugby Anti-Doping Committee, Kate Zackary, commented on the importance of the e-learning programmes: “Providing high quality anti-doping and integrity resources allows players to more confidently go about their lifestyle on and off the pitch, but more importantly, helps them avoid accidentally breaking any rules of the game.

“By the time we hit the world stage and we’re performing at those World Cups and other events, it’s just great to have that confidence in yourself that you’re best prepared, you’ve done what you need to do and you’ve done it properly.”

For more information on World Rugby’s E-Learning programme and to sign up to access the interactive content, visit the World Rugby Passport. To lean more about anti-doping in rugby, visit World Rugby’s Keep Rugby Clean site.