Educational resources

Here you can find educational and reference resources such as our handbook and doping control procedures film, plus everything coaches and athletes need to know about their rights and responsibilities related to testing procedures and whereabouts. You can also find out more about about World Rugby's confidential whistleblower policy.

Player rights & responsibilities

Player rights

WADA publish an Athlete’s Anti-Doping Rights Act which ensures that player rights with regards to anti-doping are clearly defined and followed by anti-doping organisations like World Rugby and National Anti-Doping Organisations (NADO). The document can be accessed here.

Player rights & responsibilities

Players also have rights and responsibilities when they are selected for a doping control. These are designed to ensure that player welfare is protected during the process, but also that the integrity of procedures is maintained at the same time. Player rights and responsibilities are detailed in the World Rugby Anti-Doping Handbook.

Player representation

World Rugby work closely with International Rugby Players (IRP) to ensure that, wherever possible, players are heard and represented in key decisions on the World Rugby anti-doping programme (outside of those that relate to test distribution or those which are mandatory as part of World Rugby's WADA Code compliance).

Currently there are two IRP representatives on the World Rugby Anti-Doping Advisory Committee.