Former England international Mercedes Foy was full of praise for the girls who attended a successful two-day rugby camp in the Cayman Islands last month. 

More than 100 girls were put through their paces by Foy, who now works as a teacher on the island at Grace Christian Academy. 

The sessions took place at South Sound Rugby Ground, which is home to the Cayman Islands Rugby Club, between 21-22 December, 2020. 

The camp catered for girls aged between eight and 14 years old, and Foy was impressed by the “passion and commitment” on display.

“I am so proud to have been involved and got to meet so many talented [and] enthusiastic rugby players,” Foy said.  

“The girls showed passion and commitment to everything we asked them to do. They challenged themselves, had fun, made new friends and played with smiles on their faces throughout. 

“Thank you so much to the Cayman Islands Rugby Club for getting me involved. Thanks to the parents and carers for supporting the girls at the start of their rugby journey.” 

Exciting future 

The organisers of the event put on record their special thanks to the amazing coaches and volunteers who were so positive throughout – Ben, Jovan, Eddie, Caroline, Rhian, Dave, Nate, Deanna, Erika, Katy, Lisa, Mick, Mya, Jaz, Pippa, Ria, Elana and Skylar.

It seems the future of girls and women’s rugby in the Cayman Islands is exciting and this is just the start of big things to come.

Following the success of the two-day girls camp, a one-day session will take place on 30 January, 2021 between 10am-12.30pm (EST).

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