Six French ambassadors recognised on the international stage will play a key role at the Draw for Rugby World Cup France 2023.

With proven talents in cinema, architecture, fashion, photography, dance and gastronomy, they embody French identity and culture. The selection reflects the tournament’s ambition to unite the whole of France and the rugby world through a celebration of diversity, inclusivity and innovation.

  • YANN-ARTHUS BERTRAND: photographer and author of worldwide bestseller “The Earth from Above”, he leads an ecological movement at the head of the GoodPlanet foundation
  • JEAN DUJARDIN: recipient of the Oscar for Best Actor in 2012 for his role in Michel Hazanavicius’ The Artist, he is the first Frenchman to receive the prestigious award
  • CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN: French designer, he is globally recognised for his shoes with the red soles that have become his signature
  • ALICE RENAVAND: member of the Paris Opera ballet, she was named star dancer in 2013 after her interpretation of Angelin Preljocaj’s ‘Le Parc’
  • GUY SAVOY: one of the world’s best-known chefs, his Parisian restaurant features three Michelin Stars since 2002 and was recently voted “Best Restaurant in the World” in the La Liste ranking for the fourth time
  • JEAN-MICHEL WILMOTTE: renowned French architect, he has built or renovated buildings across the world including Amsterdam’s famous Rijksmuseum.

Claude Atcher, Rugby World Cup France 2023 CEO, said: “Because of its core values, rugby is a sport that brings people together. I am honoured by the presence of these six ambassadors who represent French art and culture, which Rugby World Cup France 2023 will celebrate over the next three years.”

THE RWC 2023 DRAW LIVE AT 12.30 CET (11:30 GMT)

The Rugby World Cup France 2023 Draw is a unique event that will shape rugby’s showcase tournament. Hosted by British journalist Louise Ekland, it will be broadcast worldwide and audiences in the host country will be able to watch it live on beIN SPORTS, Franceinfo, Infosport+, TMC and W9.

From 12:15 CET, rugby fans worldwide will also enjoy a dedicated show hosted by rugby presenters Elma Smit and Ugo Monye on the World Rugby and Rugby World Cup social and digital channels. The social show will involve international players from the qualified teams getting their reactions before and after the Draw.


Rugby World Cup France 2023 will be contested by 20 teams, of which 12 are directly qualified by virtue of a top-three place in their respective Rugby World Cup 2019 pools. These teams will be seeded based on World Rugby Men's Rankings as of 1 January, 2020 and placed into three bands of four teams (bands one, two and three).

The remaining eight teams will come through the regional qualification process and will be allocated into bands four and five based on relative strength. Except for France which will be drawn first as host country, all teams in each band will be randomly drawn to determine the pools they go into, the first drawn being placed in Pool A, the second in Pool B, the third in Pool C and the fourth in Pool D. The first band to be drawn will be five, with the top four seeds in band one last.

The match schedule, with date, location and time of all games will be announced towards the end of February 2021.


Due to local COVID-19 restrictions, media activities will be accessible remotely via a Zoom Webinar, allowing registered media to follow the Draw, the Tournament Press Conference and the four Pool Media Conferences live as they unfold. Media interested in attending these activities should register with the link below: