Namibia player PJ van Lill appealed the sanction imposed against him after he was issued with a red card for an act of foul play contrary to Law 9.12 (striking with the arm) during Namibia’s Rugby World Cup 2019 warm-up match against Southern Kings on 7 September, 2019. The player was suspended for Namibia’s first three matches at Rugby World Cup 2019 and is free to play again on 7 October, 2019.

The player’s appeal was held on Tuesday, 10 September, 2019 at 06:00 UK time. The Appeal Panel was chaired by Roger Morris (Wales), alongside former international players Olly Kohn (Wales) and Leon Lloyd (England).

The player’s appeal was successful. The Appeal Panel found that this was a unique case where there was no foul play in the context of the particular circumstances.

Detailed reasoning will be set out in full in the written decision which will be available here in due course.