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Funding Priorities

Research Priorities

World Rugby review and update the research priorities annually. 

The following areas have been identified as research priorities where we are particularly interested to hear from applicants for the 2021 call for funding:


  • Effectiveness of policies and materials for different stakeholders
  • Evaluation of current and future potential diagnostic modalities, with reference to:
    • Recognise & Remove,
    • Head Injury Assessment (HIA), and/or
    • Graduated Return to Play (GRTP) protocols.
  • Evaluation of the head impact forces during match play and training


  • General prevention strategies
  • Injury surveillance studies in the community game
  • Risk factors for injury
  • Mechanism of injury for high burden injury types (community and professional)
  • Evolution of game behaviour and activities, with implications for Player Welfare implications


  • Anti-doping knowledge and attitudes, and beliefs around doping (players and support personnel)
  • Prevalence and risks of doping in school, professional or community rugby 
  • Prevalence and risks of supplementation use in school, professional or community rugby 
  • Links between body image and doping in school, professional or community rugby 
  • Risk and protective factors for doping

 Playing Surfaces

  • Injury surveillance on synthetic turf versus natural turf surface
  • Use of synthetic turf surfaces and their effects on participation

Other research topics may be submitted.


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