Tunisia will soon move to within one place of their all-time best position in the World Rugby Women’s Rankings powered by Capgemini after wrapping up a 2-0 series win over Uganda.

Having beaten the Lady Cranes 26-17 last Wednesday, Tunisia eased to a 53-13 victory in the rematch on Monday, which was also played at the El Menzah National Rugby Stadium in Tunis.

Before the historic series started, Tunisia were ranked 33rd but those two wins in the space of five days will send them up to 30th when the rankings are officially updated at 12 noon next Monday.

Uganda, on the other hand, have lost ground, to the tune of four places, when the second result is factored in, dropping from 35th to 39th.

The series between Brazil and Portugal, meanwhile, has also had implications in terms of the rankings.

Hosts Brazil took the first of last week’s games, 10-7, but Portugal bounced back at the weekend to level the series with a 13-5 victory in the return fixture at SESI Guarulhos.

Despite being beaten in AK Southey’s last game as head coach, As Yaras have moved up one place in the rankings, replacing Thailand in 38th.

Portugal have made huge progress in 2023 but will finish the year a couple of places lower than when they made the trip to South America.

The first test defeat has led to Portugal’s rating dropping below that of Belgium and Madagascar and they are now in 27th place.