Comments from players and coaches on World Rugby's anti-doping campaign Keep Rugby Clean, which is being highlighted on 23-24 September at Rugby World Cup 2023.

Scott Cummings, Scotland second-row

"It is really important. It’s an integral part of the game that everyone follows the rules so that we are all clean, we are all natural. We have to spread that message around the game."

Jamie Ritchie, Scotland captain

"It’s massively important that everyone is on the same and fair, level playing field. Keep Rugby Clean is hugely important in driving that message."

Ryan Baird, Ireland back-row

"It is so important. Everyone deserves a fair chance. I am a big believer in it."

Michael Cheika, Argentina head coach

"Rugby is always about being clean.

"I can't think of it in any other way. I can't understand that there are people who seek an advantage over work and talent. None of this concept enters my head.

"I have this ideal of why I like rugby as a sport so much and I have spent such a big part of my life alongside rugby."

Julián Montoya, Argentina captain and hooker

"We support Keep Rugby Clean and we will always stand by that as a team and as a union."

Eduardo Bello, Argentina prop

"We are totally in favour of Keep Rugby Clean.

"Rules are to be respected and whoever breaks them will surely pay the price."

Gonzalo Bertranou, Argentina scrum-half

"What we are not looking for as a team, or personally, are shortcuts. Taking any substance that can lead you to take advantage ahead of your opponent is taking a shortcut. Reaching the highest standard is the result of many years of preparation, many years of effort.

"I am proud there is so much testing and so many controls to ensure the sport is clean."

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