Players from Ireland and Italy led the way on Keep Rugby Clean Day as each of the competing Six Nations U20 teams showed their support for World Rugby's anti-doping awareness campaign.

Keep Rugby Clean Day is being held in partnership with Six Nations Rugby, and ahead of an enthralling penultimate match-day at Cardiff Arms Park, both sets of players took to the pitch for their warmup wearing distinctive red T-shirts designed to highlight the message of clean sport and a fair, level playing field for all.

Players from France, Scotland, England and Wales will follow suit ahead of their Six Nations U20 matches in Cardiff, as the teams unite behind Keep Rugby Clean Day.

World Rugby’s anti-doping awareness brand, Keep Rugby Clean aims to support participants with high quality education, to promote good values within the game and help develop knowledgeable and honest players.

Ahead of the Six Nations U20, each squad was supported with anti-doping education in order to ensure the players are informed when it comes to key issues such as safe nutrition, prohibited substances and doping risks.

U20 players are a key target audience for World Rugby’s anti-doping message. By educating them to learn good habits and avoid costly mistakes at an early age, the next generation of stars can go on to become role models, championing the anti-doping cause.

World Rugby Anti-Doping Manager Mike Earl said: “Keep Rugby Clean Day is a fantastic opportunity to reinforce our core message on anti-doping values and underlines the commitment of the rugby family to maintain a level playing field.

“We are extremely grateful to the Six Nations and participating teams for their support in promoting the Keep Rugby Clean message at this tournament.”

Also commenting on the initiative was Wales U20 captain, Alex Mann:

“With the Six Nations U20 2021 taking place in Cardiff, it gives the squad a good opportunity to send a clear message to those watching that we support clean sport and fair competition in rugby.

“We were fortunate to be provided with education ahead of the Championship, and as young players we need to know the right questions to ask and take responsibility for what we put into our bodies.”

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