USA flanker Riekert Hattingh appeared before an independent judicial committee via video link having been cited for an act of foul play contrary to Law 9.17 (tackling a player in the air) in USA’s international match against England on 4 July, 2021. 

The independent Disciplinary Committee chaired by Simon Thomas (Wales), joined by former players Jamie Corsi and Olly Kohn (both Wales), heard the case, considering all the available evidence, including multiple broadcast angles and submissions from the player and his representative. 

The player did not accept that he had committed an act of foul play worthy of a red card.

Having reviewed all the evidence, the Committee deemed that no foul play had occurred in circumstances where: 

  • The player was in a realistic position to compete for the ball;
  • The player made first contact with the ball;
  • The player took no intentional or reckless steps to grab or push the opponent player as they were descending. 

On that basis, the Committee did not uphold the citing and the player is free to play again immediately. 

Click here to watch the video that explains how rugby’s disciplinary process works.

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