Following a virtual meeting yesterday, World Rugby, The RFU, WRU, International Rugby Players and Progressive Rugby are encouraged by constructive and positive initial dialogue regarding the sport’s commitment to player welfare advancement at all levels.

All parties care deeply about rugby and its playing community and want the sport to be all it can be for everyone and, while recognising that there are naturally some differing views on how to achieve that goal, we are encouraged that there is much common ground in terms of current and future focus areas.

One of rugby’s strengths is that it is a diverse and inclusive global family of people who are unwavering in their passion for the sport and the welfare of its present, future and past players, whether they be administrators, players, coaches, fans and medics.

This meeting has established a line of dialogue, but just as importantly, an understanding of a common goal: the continued advancement of player welfare in rugby at all levels of the game. We look forward to continuing the conversation to deliver on this shared goal.