Nigel Owens returns for the final episode of Whistle Watch this season, and he has just enough time to run the rule over a few more acts of foul play.

First in his sights is the red card handed to Finn Russell at the Stade de France last Friday night.

Scotland went on to beat France with 14 men — to hand Wales the Six Nations 2021 title — but did Owens agree that Russell deserved to be sent off for his actions?

“What you can't do as a ball carrier is you can't lead with a forearm and raise it up into a player, because if you raise a forearm and you make contact with the head or the neck directly then that would result in a red card,” Owens said. 

“Now, my humble opinion is that Finn Russell was maybe a little bit unlucky here. The french player tackles Finn Russell upright, which means Finn Russell now, his dynamics of a handoff has had to change. 

“So, he has to lift his hand up to try and fend off the would-be tackler and by doing this he then gets the timing of it wrong.”

Russell’s sending off took the tally of red cards in the Six Nations 2021 to five, the most that have been handed out in a single Championship.

Owens admits he did not agree with every decision, but believes there is an onus on everyone in the game to help change player behaviour on the pitch.

“This year's Six Nations will be very memorable for us here in Wales, but this year’s Six Nations will also be remembered for the most amount of red cards in the Guinness Six Nations tournament,” he said. 

“I have to say that at least three of them — maybe four, but at least three of them — were correct decisions and deserved red cards. 

“Now, for the good of the game, for the future of the game and for player safety and all concerned, from the very, very top of the international level all the way down to our local grassroots community game, it's important that we deal with acts of foul play that warrant red cards. 

“Hopefully, it will do some good and will help change player behaviour on the field.”

In the final Whistle Watch of the season, Owens also answers another set of viewers’ questions, discusses scrum feeds and dishes out his own Six Nations awards.

And, there was little hesitation as he named the Championship’s best celebration.

“That’s got to be Stuart Hogg in Paris on the weekend,” Owens said. “Plus, it also meant that the whole of Wales was celebrating as well!”

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