While thousands of fans have successfully bought the packs they desired via these initial sales phases with the full allocation of city and team packs currently available now sold (more than 600,000 tickets), we recognise that the experience for many fans was frustrating.

While queuing is inevitable owing to the scale of the global demand for packs, we appreciate that many fans experienced issues on the organising committee’s official ticketing website.

We recognise the disappointment of fans who have missed out on securing packs during these opening phases owing to the demand or other issues. We would like to assure them that we take their experience very seriously and have sought assurances from the organising committee that every effort will be made to resolve any platform-related issues in advance of the general public sale beginning on 6 April at 18:00 CET.

A further 350,000 tickets will be available within City and Follow My Team packs across all four categories in this upcoming general public sale. Fans are reminded that ticket-inclusive packages are also available via the tournament’s Official Travel Agents at travel2023.rugbyworldcup.com.

While it is tempting when demand is high to look to alternative unofficial methods of securing tickets, fans should be aware that any tickets sold through these channels will be cancelled. Fans will be able to use a secure official resale platform to resell tickets for matches they are unable to attend. The purpose of this platform is to ensure that tickets are secured by genuine fans.