• Preparations on track as France 2023 embark on a journey to connect with local communities and present the tournament’s positive impact
  • Rugby World Cup 2023 to set new standards in social responsibility, inclusion and sustainability for a major rugby event
  • Striking new event brand identity launched on distinctive ‘We Love 2023 Tour’ which will visit 24 cities between 8 September and 12 October
  • SNCF appointed as official sponsor of Rugby World Cup France 2023

8 September marks three years to go until France hosts Rugby World Cup 2023 and to celebrate the milestone, the France 2023 organising committee has announced details of how the flagship event will be the most socially responsible and sustainable rugby event ever.

Speaking at the launch of the ‘We Love 2023 Tour’ in Paris, Rugby World Cup France 2023 CEO Claude Atcher promised that the tournament will have a positive impact on society, setting new standards of social inclusion, community engagement and environment protection for a rugby event as the world presses the re-set button following COVID-19.

Atcher said: “France 2023 has embraced a vision: to have a positive impact for rugby, the planet and France by delivering a responsible event that addresses the challenges of today and tomorrow. Rugby World Cup 2023 will be more than a sporting event. It will leave a legacy.”

World Rugby Chief Executive Brett Gosper applauded the plans, which will see France 2023 take a leap forward from exceptional outcomes achieved at Japan 2019, which attracted two million new participants to the sport, achieved a 99 per cent attendance rate, set a new fanzone attendance record of 1.13 million and delivered a record nationwide economic impact of £4.3 billion.

“In a world of change and uncertainty accelerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that major events are not just a cathedral of sport, a showcase of world-class performance, but a symbol of unity, diversity and change.

“Rugby World Cup is no different. 2023 will define a new era. It is no longer simply a case of what France can do for Rugby World Cup, but what the tournament can do for France, its society, sporting infrastructure and economy.

“With three years to go, we are confident that France 2023 will deliver on its pledges. As Claude has highlighted, it is already making excellent progress and I am convinced the tournament will be a strong vehicle for social change.”

Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan raised £2 million for the official charity partner Childfund Pass It Back to transform the lives of 25,000 disadvantaged children across Asia through rugby. Rugby World Cup 2023 will look to go even further by targeting five key pillars for the tournament’s legacy: acting for sustainability and circular economy, supporting education, training and employment, respecting and protecting the environment, promoting inclusivity and being a champion for gender equality.

During the launch event in Paris, a distinctive new brand identity was unveiled. Daring tradition and inspired by the idea of connection, the mobius heart will literally come to life connecting all of France over the next three years, starting with the ‘We Love 2023 Tour’, which will visit 24 cities across France from 8 September to 12 October in a uniquely branded train.

Designed in a unique French handwriting, the new brand identity will help show the world the beauty of the host nation, the pinnacle of this unique sport and its power to unite and shape live.

Gosper also endorsed operational planning progress as preparations reach the three years to go milestone.

“Preparations are making excellent progress, thanks to the exceptional work undertaken by the organising committee and the outstanding cooperation and support of national and local governments and the French rugby community.

“There is much to look forward to. I have never seen a nation so well prepared as France with three years to go until a Rugby World Cup.”

For further information about Rugby World Cup 2023, including ticketing, visit www.rugbyworldcup.com/2023 and https://tickets.rugbyworldcup.com