As research into rugby yields more and more data that is proving vital in improving aspects of the game, particularly player welfare, it has been confirmed that the second annual #RSNlive16 conference of the World Rugby Science Network (RSN) will take place at the University of Bath on 13-14 September with registration now open. 

With a strategy of showcasing leading international research relevant to rugby, the RSN aims to build on the success of the inaugural event in 2015. RSN is a global forum of independent researchers who are interested in the study of the rugby. It is an important source and distribution mechanism of data, scientific evidence and expert opinion that helps to inform decisions made by various World Rugby committees.

The network, which brings together the expertise of academics and other professionals working in the game or in sport generally, enables them to share rugby science best practice, test hypotheses and discuss future research directions. Its aim is to enhance the scientific study of rugby and work to ensure that the science becomes rugby practice where appropriate.

World Rugby Head of Technical Services Mark Harrington said: "Our decisions to improve aspects of rugby, particularly in the area of player welfare, are evidence-based so the work of scientists and other academic researchers around the world is vitally important.

"Our objective is to deliver an exciting, accessible and informative event which will be of interest to the RSN membership and, more broadly, those involved in the science and medicine of team sports.

"The conference will combine face-to-face delivery, online broadcast and social networks, to reach the widest audience possible and allow interactive participation. We are currently compiling a range of expert speakers who will share their current work across a range of subjects, including biomechanics, coaching, injury prevention, match analysis, nutrition, physiology, strength and power psychology and sports medicine.”

Those interested in attending the conference can apply to register here.  

For more information about RSN and the annual conference click here.