Being at the Opening Ceremony was extremely exciting. We knew what we were going into having seen it so many times on television, but being there is so much bigger. 

What made it even better was to do this with all of the Argentina team. We’ve seen them here and there over the past few days but for the Opening Ceremony we went as one team and that was a huge rush.

As we were being led into the tunnel the emotions started to build, we started singing and jumping together. 

But what was really huge was once we walked out on to the stadium. I got instant goose bumps as it was very emotional. I know I’ve used the term emotions too many times already, but I can’t really describe in any other way. It was a real privilege to be there.

We’ve gone through strong, exciting new things in the first few days since we’ve arrived in Rio. From walking into the Olympic village, our first dinner, the Opening Ceremony … all enjoyable surprises.

Long time in the planning

As national coach we had a meeting with all the coaches of Argentine team sports which was a great opportunity to learn from some great people. I am a sponge these days, taking in every piece of information that will help me in the future.

Yet, all of that is in the past. All the external factors have been done and checked and we are now 100 per cent focused on the job ahead.

We are thinking of our Olympic debut against the USA on Tuesday.

There are very few hours left before we take the field and it will be extremely exciting, but mostly a huge responsibility.

As we’ve been saying, our first stop is USA, a team we have played a lot over the years. We’ve been planning the Olympic Games for a long time so we are ready.

I know I’ve repeated the words emotion and excitement but this is what we are living here in the Olympic Games in Rio.