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Rugby Science Network

Rugby Science Network

Network Editors

Prof Stephen Mellalieu, Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom, 
Prof Keith Stokes, University of Bath, United Kingdom

Welcome to the Rugby Science Network

The World Rugby Science Network is a global network of researchers who are interested in the study of the Rugby Football codes. The aim is to provide a forum which brings together the expertise of academics and professionals working in the Game. By sharing good Rugby science practice and discussing future directions, we can enhance the scientific study of the Game and work to ensure that Rugby science becomes Rugby practice where possible.
The aim of this network is to:
  • Promote the scientific study of the game and the transfer of scientific knowledge into professional practice through international collaboration
  • Provide an international forum for the interaction between people interested in the science and practice of Rugby Football
  • Work towards the establishment of a periodical conference and publication for academics and practitioners interested in Rugby Football

In these pages, you can access:

  • Digests published quarterly that summarise the latest published research into Rugby Football
  • Blog posts contributed by researchers covering topical issues in Rugby Science
  • Content from previous Rugby Science Network Live (RSNLive) conferences




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