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Published Papers

Published Papers

Here, you can find links to papers that members of World Rugby's Research Unit have contributed to, including original research articles, consensus statements and reports from funded projects undertaken by external academic institutions.

Injury Surveillance Guidelines

Fuller et al., 2007 - Consensus statement on injury definitions and data collection procedures for studies of injuries in rugby union Link to article
Brown et al., 2019 - Guidelines for community-based injury surveillance in rugby union Link to article

Injury Risk Factors and Prevention

Tucker et al., 2017 - Risk factors for head injury events in professional rugby union: a video analysis of 464 head injury events to inform proposed injury prevention strategies Link to article
Tucker et al., 2017 - A video analysis of head injuries satisfying the criteria for a head injury assessment in professional Rugby Union: a prospective cohort study Link to article
Cross et al., 2019 - Tackling concussion in professional rugby union: a case–control study of tackle-based risk factors and recommendations for primary prevention Link to article
Stokes et al., 2021 - Does reducing the height of the tackle through law change in elite men’s rugby union (The Championship, England) reduce the incidence of concussion? A controlled study in 126 games Link to article


Patricios et al., 2018 - Implementation of the 2017 Berlin Concussion in Sport Group Consensus Statement in contact and collision sports: a joint position statement from 11 national and international sports organisations Link to article

Head Injury Assessment Protocol

Fuller et al., 2017 - Evaluation of World Rugby's concussion management process: results from Rugby World Cup 2015 Link to article
Fuller et al., 2020 - The performance of the World Rugby Head Injury Assessment Screening Tool: a diagnostic accuracy study Link to article
Tucker et al., 2020 - The effect of exercise on baseline SCAT5 performance in male professional Rugby players Link to article
Tucker et al., 2020 - Baseline SCAT Performance in Men and Women: Comparison of Baseline Concussion Screens Between 6288 Elite Men's and 764 Women's Rugby Players Link to article
Falvey et al., 2021 - Head injury assessment in rugby union: clinical judgement guidelines Link to article
Fuller et al., 2021 - Diagnostic Utility of New SCAT5 Neurological Screen Sub-tests Link to article
Tucker et al., 2021 - Sport Concussion Assessment Tool: baseline and clinical reference limits for concussion diagnosis and management in elite Rugby Union Link to article
Tucker et al., 2021 - Effect of a concussion on subsequent baseline SCAT performance in professional rugby players: a retrospective cohort study in global elite Rugby Union Link to article