Romania and Spain have lodged appeals against the sanction handed-down by the independent Disputes Committee in relation to the Europe region Rugby World Cup 2019 qualifiers.

Formal submissions were received by World Rugby in accordance with the Appeal Committee’s directions.

On 15 May, an independent Disputes Committee found that Belgium, Romania and Spain had breached World Rugby Regulation 8 by fielding players who were either ineligible to represent them or previously captured by another union. The Independent Disputes Committee issued competition points penalties as well as suspended fines.

While admitting to a breach of World Rugby Regulation 8 relating to fielding an ineligible player who was previously captured by another union, Romania has confirmed that it is appealing the sanction.

Spain is appealing the decision of the independent Disputes Committee which: (i) decided that the match between Belgium versus Spain should not be replayed; and (ii) found that two ineligible players were fielded during the European Rugby World Cup 2019 qualification process.

The appeal will be heard on 1 June by an independent Appeals Committee comprising of World Rugby’s independent Judicial Panel Chairman Christopher Quinlan QC (chair), former USA international and World Rugby Hall of Fame inductee Phaidra Knight and chair of the EPCR Independent Disciplinary Panel Mike Hamlin.

Read the independent Disputes Committee decision and accompanying statement HERE.