World Rugby has a top class team of regional development staff employed both by World Rugby and Regions delivering an extensive series of competitions, development and training programmes. At the core of these services is the Get Into Rugby Programme.

What is Get Into Rugby?

  • The Get Into Rugby programme is part of the World Rugby strategy to increase participation in Rugby across the world.
  • Working with Regional Associations and Unions, Get Into Rugby will be a key initiative to grow the Game, as Rugby rejoins the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.
  • The aim of the programme is to increase the number of new players, coaches and referees over the next four years.
  • Get Into Rugby will promote the values of Rugby and ensure children are encouraged to TRY – PLAY – STAY in Rugby in a safe, enjoyable and progressive way.
  • Unions who deliver the Get Into Rugby programme will have access to equipment in the form of a Toolkit, training, education  and interactive online resources.
  • The Get Into Rugby Toolkit contains balls, bibs and tag belts, and is an integral part of the programme.

Try Introducing boys and girls to the principles of Rugby for the first time.
Getting started with introductory Rugby sessions. These include the principles of Rugby, agility, balance, coordination, passing, catching and teamwork.


Developing players’ skills, building their Game understanding and experience of the unique ethos of Rugby.
Coaching sessions to teach the principles and skills of Rugby and a safe progression to playing the Game.


How to keep players in the Game for life and enjoy and experience the fun, fitness, health benefits and unique values of playing Rugby: integrity, respect, solidarity, passion and discipline.

What to do next?

Please logon to the Get Into Rugby website for more information:

For an initial discussion on how the programme works, application process and how it can benefit your Union please contact the World Rugby Regional Staff member for your region. All contact details are on the website. The website provides information on:

  • How a Union can deliver Get Into Rugby
  • Application form and process
  • Planning templates
  • Sample coaching sessions
  • Interactive forum

To know more about your Member Union click here