Brazil Brazilian Yaras dreaming of success
New tournament, new look

Recently rebranded, the Brazilian women’s rugby sevens team hope to build on the momentum gained at the last Olympic Games five years ago.

Three wins at home during Rio 2016 give them plenty of hope for Tokyo.

Four Olympians from five years ago could be back, sharing their experience with a hungry squad.

Sevens pedigree

Perennial leaders in South American rugby, Brazil are frequent faces on the World Rugby Sevens Series.

Such is their dominance in South America that they have not lost in regional competition since it began in 2004.

Revered status

Baby Futuro is unquestionably the face of Brazilian rugby. Charismatic, friendly and a great player, she has become an ambassador for her country and sport.

An Olympian in 2016, she now sits on the Brazilian Olympic (COB) Athlete’s Committee after being named Rugby Player of the Year by COB in 2016.

Unstoppable new faces

Bianca Silva, meanwhile, is one of the inaugural Unstoppables of World Rugby’s ‘Try and Stop Us’ campaign.

Her tough upbringing has given her the desire and hunger to succeed.

She is a true unstoppable; don’t give her space as she will take off and won’t be caught.

All eyes on the Olympics

Brazil’s goal is to gain experience and build on their ninth place in Rio.

After surgery in January, captain Raquel Kochhann is back and hungry for another Olympic experience.

She brings leadership and experience that will prove extremely useful on the field in Tokyo.

Will she be able to, again, add her X-factor to the hungry Yaras?