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Match Centre


Canosa Schack

Age 36
D.O.B 28 February 1983
Height 194cm
Weight 102kg

Javier Mario

Carrion Llorens

Age 28
D.O.B 09 November 1990
Height 188cm
Weight 89kg

Jaike Christian


Age 32
D.O.B 11 September 1986
Height 184cm
Weight 95kg


Feijoo Ugalde

Age 36
D.O.B 18 May 1982
Height 174cm
Weight 74kg


Goia Iriberri

Age 27
D.O.B 12 December 1991
Height 183cm
Weight 82kg

Martin Emir


Age 33
D.O.B 17 September 1985
Height 179cm
Weight 82kg


Lavino Zona

Age 33
D.O.B 04 August 1985
Height 169cm
Weight 74kg

Pedro Cesar

Martin Enrique

Age 32
D.O.B 29 March 1987
Height 172cm
Weight 75kg

Ignacio Amadeo

Martin Goenaga

Age 35
D.O.B 15 October 1983
Height 187cm
Weight 87kg

Marcos Gustavo

Poggi Ranwez

Age 31
D.O.B 31 August 1987
Height 182cm
Weight 85kg

Glenn Lewis


Age 32
D.O.B 13 September 1986
Height 185cm
Weight 95kg


Tudela Perret

Age 34
D.O.B 06 October 1984
Height 187cm
Weight 98kg