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Match Centre


Astarloa Uriarte

Age 44
D.O.B 06 September 1974
Height 185cm
Weight 95kg


Diez Molina

Age 44
D.O.B 23 September 1974
Height 175cm
Weight 85kg


Enciso Fernandez Valderrama

Age 45
D.O.B 27 February 1974
Height 182cm
Weight 82kg

Miguel Angel

Frechilla Manrique

Age 45
D.O.B 01 February 1974
Height 183cm
Weight 84kg

Jose Ignacio

Inchausti Bravo

Age 46
D.O.B 01 January 1973
Height 182cm
Weight 77kg



Height 0cm
Weight 0kg


Ripol Fortuny

Age 43
D.O.B 06 September 1975
Height 174cm
Weight 73kg


Socias Olmos

Age 46
D.O.B 16 May 1973
Height 187cm
Weight 82kg


Souto Vidal

Age 42
D.O.B 04 November 1976
Height 190cm
Weight 112kg


Velazco Querol

Age 43
D.O.B 23 June 1976
Height 179cm
Weight 82kg