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Player Welfare Guidelines

World Rugby Player Welfare Guidelines

Medical and non-medical guidelines that outline best practice in player welfare.

Use the menu to navigate through World Rugby's medical and non-medical guidelines outlining best practice in player welfare.

World Rugby take the following steps with developing player welfare guidelines:

  1. Identify welfare risks to players.
  2. Investigate ways to reduce these risks.
  3. Develop and approve best practice.
  4. Share best practice guidelines.

Best practice guidelines cover numerous medical and non-medical topics, which World Rugby continue to review, update, and expand when new knowledge comes to light.

Guidelines are available to help Unions share best practice with stakeholders, and Unions may adapt the advice in the guidelines to meet their needs.

Participation Guidelines
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Single Organ Guideline

Athletes with single organs are permitted to play Rugby pending individual assessment and clearance by the appropriately qualified medical practitioner. This clearance must consider the available published information on the risks of participation, the current health of the athlete and the potential negative impact of accidental collision. This guideline only applies to athletes whose single organ is normally functioning and includes (but is not limited to) the following organs - eyes, kidneys, testicle, ovaries.
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Mon 29 June, 2020
· 1 min read