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Get Into Rugby

Get into Rugby Programme

World Rugby works through Member Unions and Regional Associations to improve their capability to deliver growth in rugby participation. The Get into Rugby Programme provides an ‘Off the Shelf Guide’ to support Member Unions and regions grow the game. These pages give access to these resources.

The Get into Rugby Stages


Rugby is an easy game to try with your friends in the back yard, park, beach, school, club, starting with touch rugby and moving to tag the game can  be started with simple rules of run forward pass back.

It is fun enjoyable and a great way to pick up the essential skills of the game, pass, catch, run, evade.

Once children have tried the game, they should have a clear local pathway into playing the game via a local 'rugby hub'. World Rugby does not recommend trying the game without a clear pathway into sustained participation being available to participants.


Having tried the game it is now time to PLAY in a rugby environment that will develop your skills, confidence and enjoyment through regular practice and modified games of 7v7, 10v10, 12v12 leading to full contact rugby and the 15-a-side game.

Through regular training and playing in a supportive rugby environment players develop the physical mental and social skills that will help them to stay in the game. 

The PLAY phase is a long term approach to training and playing in regular progressive and sustained programmes of training and games designed to develop players over a number of years. Put simply the more you practice and play the more likely you are to stay in the game, as a player, coach, referee, volunteer or supporter.


Once you have tried and played the game over a number of years it is time for you to stay in the game either by playing full contact adult rugby, but if you find this too difficult you can stay in the game by coaching others, refereeing, volunteering and spectating, or by playing other forms of the game like touch or tag rugby.

The Rugby Hub: A Definition

To maximise the effectiveness of the TRY PLAY STAY phases, World Rugby promotes that these phases are undertaken in a ‘Rugby Hub’. A Rugby Hub is an organisation, or a collection of collaborating organisations, covering a small geographical area that provides rugby experiences for their community in a planned, progressive, interconnected and sustained fashion.