Hamilton didn’t end how we had planned. While it started great with us moving through the pool stage undefeated, we then went down 28-19 to Canada in the semi-final 28-19 and again to France in the bronze medal match 19-14.

We were all very disappointed knowing that we can play much better than we did and that we ultimately let ourselves down with some missed tackles. Although we didn’t finish with a medal the Aussie men played awesome and claimed the bronze medal, getting a final win over England, so that was exciting!

Something else that was really special was what the New Zealand women’s team did to help support us and the people back in Australia that have been affected by the devastating bushfires.

They got all of the countries together and asked them to write letters of support to us as well as donate money. This was such an incredibly kind and heart-warming gesture from all of the teams and shows how much rugby can bring people together.

I feel so lucky to be a part of this game.

After flying back from New Zealand we had one night at home before we headed back into camp to prepare for this weekend. Looking at our pool we will be facing France, Ireland and Spain. The match-up against France will be a big one and is a chance for us to improve on our performance in the bronze medal match in Hamilton.

The Sydney Sevens is also obviously our home tournament, making it all the more special playing in front of lots of family, friends and Aussie supporters. February in Australia is always nice and hot but this year it’s going to be a stinker. I think the temperatures are set to be up in the 40’s (that’s Celsius) over the weekend.

This will definitely have an impact on the players, likely the teams that are coming from countries where it is currently winter will be at a slightly higher disadvantage, but everyone is going to be feeling the full force of the Aussie heat this weekend. I’m not complaining, though, I would much rather play in the heat than in freezing cold temperatures!

As the temperatures creep up this week in the lead into game day, we are all itching to get back out on the field in the green and gold. We have another chance to claim the gold medal and hopefully do a repeat of the 2018 Sydney Sevens – getting the double with both the men’s and women’s taking out the big one.