Brazil will mark their return to being a core team on the HSBC World Rugby Women's Sevens Series on Saturday by taking to the field against the hosts, USA at Infinity Park in Glendale.

The side, who were previously a core team back in 2016-17, return after winning the world series qualifier in Hong Kong in April. They followed that up by being the invitational side in Langford in May. 

In the months since, led by head coach Reuben Samuel, the team have been working hard to build towards this first check-point at the HSBC USA Women's Sevens.

"We’re really excited, we’ve been excited ever since Hong Kong. In saying that, we had a reality check in Canada so that was our first taste back on the circuit and being around these great teams," Samuel told World Rugby.

“Since then, we knew that we had to work on our physicality and we knew that we had to work on our tackling and our aggressiveness around the ruck and they are things that we have worked on. But, the proof is in the pudding so once we get back on field, we’ll see whether we’ve progressed or whether we need to work more."


Brazil arrive in Glendale with two debutants and a number of players who have just experienced the rugby on the world series once before. In the build-up to this first tournament, Samuel has highlighted that developing a strong team environment has been high on his agenda. 

"We know that we’re all individuals and we respect that. Once we get onto the field and on the training park, we’ve got to bring our individualism and bring it together, but within a team environment.

"That’s one of our goals; to play better as a team and a function and bring our specialties as individuals within a system.

"I think rugby in general is a special sport amongst others in terms what that does," the head coach noted.

"It unites people and that’s something that we’re aware of. We’re all from different backgrounds, religions, race and rugby gives us the opportunity to bring all of that together and respect it and get out on the field and display what we all have. Rugby has done that for us.”


For Brazil captain Raquel Kochhann, one of her key focuses is to ensure that the whole squad take to the world series stage with the right mentality. 

“The first thing is to believe in ourselves [as individuals]. Each person needs to believe in their own strengths and needs to believe in the team’s strengths before we can play against other teams. 

“We have a lot of things in the group and we want to show the world that in Brazil, we have rugby.”

Samuel added: “There’s a lot of support back in Brazil. First and foremost, these girls carry the torch in terms of rugby and in terms of who they represent, their clubs and their families. 

“Rugby is growing and having them on the world stage gives everyone back home [in Brazil] something to look forward to.”