It has been a quick turnaround since the last round in Japan and we are already in Canada, ready to compete in Langford this weekend.

This is a venue with epic memories for us such as the win against USA with the final kick of the game back in 2016. However, it also takes us to tough memories such as the year we lost a few players to different injuries.

Right now, the team is very focused, wanting to continue working and getting better.

Kitakyushu, in Japan, was all that we expected. I believe we had a good game against Canada on day one and also then against China, but Australia beat us heavily in pool play, leaving us with no options and piling on the points. This cost us dearly, as it meant we did not advance to Cup quarter-finals on points difference.

On the second day, we did not finish well, mostly because of three severe injuries the team suffered. From here in Canada, we wish those girls all the strength in their recovery.

This has helped us work very seriously, getting better on the things that worked well and bringing new players into the team. There are new faces, very young girls or with few tournaments to their names, so we must continue building our road towards staying as a core team, which is our main goal.

We are doing alright as a team, but we can’t relax, more so in the season in which there is an Olympic Games qualifying tournament. We mustn’t forget that is the big dream, to qualify for Tokyo 2020.

Continuing to grow

Hopefully, we can put on a good show and continue growing and working ahead of the final round of the HSBC World Rugby Women's Sevens Series in Biarritz, France.

Talking about the how we are playing, I think we are stronger in attack, with good attacking phases, and we must continue to work and get better in defence, more so with the tries that were scored against us, such as those against Australia that were tough.

Also, we must work on ball recovery so that we don’t need to work so hard on defence. That way we’ll optimise our team play and be able to make it easier for our young girls, and make it harder for our opponents.

We’ll be playing against France, USA and Fiji in Pool C at the HSBC Canada Women's Sevens this weekend.

The French we know very well as European opponents that will be a direct threat in the regional Olympic qualifier, in Russia on 13-14 July. We’ve already played against them in Sydney, they beat us but it wasn’t a good game.

USA are a very physical side and we also played them in Sydney, where we won, but they are on an upward curve.

Finally, we have Fiji, against whom we hope to be at the required standard given they're one of the teams we're competing with to keep our core status. They are a team we get on very well off the field; on the field, you never know how they will play. They beat us in the Challenge Trophy final in Kitakyushu but hopefully it will be us coming out on top this weekend.