After a four-way tie for the DHL Impact Player award in London, the final round of the world series in Paris turned out to be a bit more clear cut - but only just. 

Scotland's Robbie Fergusson took home the prestigious award after beating Russia's German Davydov by just one point. The award takes into account tackles, breaks, offloads and carries for players across the tournament. Fergusson excelled in all aspects of his game to finish on a total of 50 points. The Scotsman finished top of any player in the top seven for breaks, clocking up six. 16 tackles, 22 carries and six offloads clinched him the award. 

Overall in the DHL Impact Player for the series, taking into account all 10 rounds, it was Canada's Justin Douglas who finished up on top after producing consistently strong performances across the year. While not winning any of the individual awards across the series, Douglas showed that consistency matters. A total of 386, six points ahead of Australia's Ben O'Donnell, was enough to clinch the award. 108 tackles, 55 breaks, 31 offloads and 192 carries, staggering totals for one of Canada's top players.

O'Donnell, who has taken three individual awards this year and was nominated for Rookie of the Year, topped the carries stats with 200. Fiji's Amenoni Nasilsila finished third and topped the tackle stats with 150. Fiji's Eroni Sau finished fourth, and topped the breaks stat with 56. Martin Iosefo of USA, topped the offloads stats with an incredible 50.